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How it works: 3 simple steps

1. Implement search box

Add a custom-designed search box into your product. The process is super easy, no coding required. Our creative team will help you with design that will fit your product.

2. Users search

Your users perform web searches. Depending on your implementation type they are redirected to Yahoo or Bing, or search results can be displayed in your product without redirection.

3. You get paid

Every time your users perform a search and click on ads in search results you are getting paid based on revenue share. Average revenue per 1,000 searches is called RPM.

Direct feeds — highest RPM

We don't do rebrokering. It means that we have direct feeds from Yahoo and Bing, and can offer you the highest payouts on the market.

Auto-optimisation between Bing and Yahoo will allow to get maximum revenue for every source in every country.

Cut the middle man and get to know real revenue that your product can generate.

Start monetizing your searches

Monetize everything

We can help you to increase revenue from almost any product, including:

  • Browser extensions
  • Mobile apps
  • Mobile launchers
  • Websites

Start monetizing your searches

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